Disclaimer: take everything with a grain of salt. It's just my $0.02. I try to give some good advice here, but take no responsibility if you blow your engine up. Ask for more opionions before doing any mods if in doubt, the toyota-mods mailing list would be a good place to start.

7M-GTE	230hp	HKS: max 450hp
	3 liters + turbo = lots of power to be unleashed!
	Beyond about 350hp turbo upgrade is A Good Idea.
	Many people have achieved 550-650hp while keeping it
	streetable. But do retorque the head gasket! 90% of
	problems with these engines come down to the head
	gaskets, which blow because the head bolt tension
	is too low. See supras.com for more info.

7M-GE	200hp	HKS: max 218hp
	Trade it for a 7M-GTE Supra turbo ;)
	Unless you're satisfied with around 250-260hp, which is
	as high as you'll get with 7M-GE.

5M-GE	160hp	HKS: max 174hp
	Not too many performance parts are available. The Celica Supra
	was tried in rallying but abandoned quickly (even the Celica
	was heavier than regulations required even after extensive
	lightening of all possible parts). Consider putting in
	a 7M-GTE instead, as several people have successfully done.

3S-GTE	200hp	HKS: max 283hp
	Your wallet puts the limits on what you can get out of this engine ;)
	Performance parts are available but may be expensive beyond a 
	certain level.Still used in world championship level rallying in
	the Celica GT-4. The stock turbo should be upgraded or modified for
	over ~250hp. The stock intercoolers aren't that effective,
	especially the 87-89 GT-4 unit is poor. After these have been
	attended, 350hp should be possible.

5S-FE	130hp	HKS: max 144hp
	Not designed nor used for serious racing. Air filter, exhaust and
	ignition are all you're going to find for this one.

4A-GZE	145hp	HKS: max 186hp
	Larger pulley for the supercharger will raise the boost.
	The bottom end is much stronger than the 4A-GE, therefore
	a few people have turbocharged it with good results.

4A-GE	112hp	HKS: max 168hp
	Maybe THE most popular Toyota engine used in racing.
	Think of any part for it, and you can be sure it does already
	exist! The European spec engines (-1990) had no cats and higher
	compression ratio,so they produced 122-125hp. The TVIS system
	was dropped and hp went up to 130, and later VVT was added
	with noticable power increase to 160 without loss of low end torque.
	The old versions are still very much used in national level
	rallying (Corolla GT), and Toyota Atlantic series. The VVT
	version is so far only available in Japan. The earliest
	(up to late 87 or so) 4A-GE stock bottom end is only good
	for about 160-180hp. Stock fuel system is good for 150-160hp.
	Over 200hp is possible, but expensive.

3S-GE	115hp	HKS: max 126hp
	Later versions of 3S-GE are MUCH more powerful, up to 175-180hp
	for 1993-1996 models. BTCC (and other 2.0l touring car classes)
	versions have around 300hp@8500rpm.

4K	58-65hp
	Nothing in its design suggests that it could be used for
	racing, but it has been! That's due to it being put
	into such ultra-light car as Starlet. Still, you can
	get 100hp out of it which makes a 700kg pocket rocket.
	With 5K block close to 1500cc.

2JZ-GE	225hp
	Buy the turbocharged version, or get a turbo kit + lower comp
	forged pistons.

2JZ-GTE	320hp
	What, you need more? ;)
	If you could afford one, you probably can also afford
	upgrading it to 600-700hp as many shops will be happy to do...
	This engine is superior to 7M-GTE because of its ability
	to rev higher reliably (fully balanced crankshaft = 12 
	counterweights). Comes stock with metal head gasket so
	that problem was addressed already by Toyota.

Engines not widely imported to US:

2T/2T-B/3T/3T-E	75-105hp
	Despite being pushrod engines, these have potential for
	some 150hp naturally aspirated. Can be bored to 89-90mm,
	which with 3T crank yields close to 2 liters!
	Turbocharging is also somewhat popular for street (up to 200hp),
	but the more serious ones use one of the twin cam versions
	instead of these. 

2T-G*	110-125hp
	Same comments as above, but these are twin cam versions.
	If you don't know how to distinguish a twin cam Toyota engine
	by its code, here's the guide.

3T-GTE	160hp
	Racing versions (4T-GT) were used in Group B rallying and Group C,
	but weren't available for too many private teams.
	The strongest block, crank (8 counterweights, rumours say it would
	be forged as well) and rods of the T series. Lacks intercooler
	and blow-off valve in stock form, these should be first in
	the list of upgrades along with boost controller.
	The stock CT20 turbo is worth its weight in junk iron,
	and should be replaced if you want reliability and/or over
	210hp or so. At this point, also an injector upgrade is in
	order. I have modified mine up to 310hp@1.4bar, limited
	by the 50-trim T3 turbo. With a more suitable compressor
	side and more aggressive cams, 350+hp should be no problem.

18R-G*	120-145hp
	290hp has been squeezed with turbocharging for street use,
	or some 180-200hp naturally aspirated.

1G-GE	140-150hp
1G-GZE	160-168hp
1G-GTE	185-210hp
	Any of these three engines would be fine for a street car
	if you're satisfied with stock output or a modest increase
	to some 260hp for the 1G-GTE. None of these have been used
	for racing.

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