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Aristo 97              **ZS-14*                2JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE, 1UZ-FE Avalon 97                                      1MZ-FE Camry (US, EU), Vista (JP) 83-86   US                              2S-E 86      JP                              3S-GELU, 2S-ELU, 1S-iLU, 2C-TL 87-90   US                              3S-FE 89-90   US                              2VZ-FE 98-99 Vista: 3S-FSE, 3S-FE, 1ZZ-FE 99 Camry (JP): 5S-FE (SXV25/4WD, SXV20/FWD), 1MZ-FE (MCV20/FWD) Carina  71-78   FI      TA12/TA14               2T 78-81   FI      TA40                    2T 82-84   FI      TA60/CA60               2T, 3T, 1C 82-82.5 JP      RA6*/TA6*/SA6*/AA6*     18R-GEU, 2T-GEU, 3T-EU, 1S-U, 3A-U 82.5-85 JP      TA6*/AA6*/SA6*          3T-GTEU, 4A-GE, 1S-U, 3A-U 86      JP      station wagon only      4A-GE, 1S-U, 3A-U Carina II (FWD) 86      JP                              3S-GELU, 4A-GELU, 1S-ELU, 1S-iLU, 4A-ELU, 4A-LU, 3A-LU, 2C-L 88-     EU                              3S-GE, 3S-FE, 4A-FE 92              *T19*   3S-GE, 3S-FE, 5E-FE 95      FI                              3S-FE, 4A-FE 95      JP                              3S-GE, 3S-FE, 4S-FE 98 4A-GE20v, 7A-FE, 5A-FE, 3S-FE, 2C-T 99 4A-GE20v, 7A-FE, 5A-FE, 3S-FE (4WD), 3C-TE (4WD/FWD) Celica  RWD: 71      US      ST                      8R-C 72-74   US      ST                      18R-C 74      US      GT                      18R-C 72-74   FI      LT, ST                  2T* 75      US                              20R 74-76   FI      LT, ST                  2T* 76      FI      RA23                    18R 76-77   US                              20R 77      AU      RA28                    18R-G 76-77   FI                              18R 78      CA      GT                      20R 78-81   US      GT Coupe & Liftback     22R 78-81   JP      TA41 (ET/LT/ST/XT)      12T-U   [ET coupe only]                 TA42 (LT/ST/XT/SE)      3T-U                 RA40 (ST/XT/SE)         18R-U                 TA40 (GT/GTV)           2T-GEU                 RA40 (GT/GTV)           18R-GU 78-81   UK/EU   TA40 (ST)               2T-B [coupe]                 RA40 (ST/XT)            18R [liftback]                 RA40 (GT)               18R-G [liftback] 78-80   US      RA42 (ST)               20R [coupe]                 RA42 (GT)               20R 81      US      RA43 (ST)               22R [coupe]                 RA44 (GT)               22R 81.7-83.8       JP      RA63 (GT)               18R-G 81.7-83.8       JP      TA61 (GT, GT Rally)     2T-GEU 81.7-83.8       JP      TA63 (ST-EFI, SX)       3T-EU 81.7-84.12      JP      SA60 (SV, ST, SX)       1S-U (SX 83.8-85.7) 81.7-85.7       JP      AA6*                    3A-U 82.10-85.7      JP      TA64? (GT-T, GT-TR)     3T-GTEU 83.8-84.12      JP      AA63? (GT, GT-R)        4A-GEU 85.1-85.7       JP      SA6*  (GT, GT-R)        3S-GELU 85.1-85.7       JP      AA63? (GT)              4A-GELU 85.1-85.7       JP      SA6* (SX, SV, ST)       1S-iLU 82-85   EU      TA60 (ST)               2T-B         EU      RA61 (XT)               21R         EU      AA63? (GT)              4A-GE [liftback] 82-85   ?EU     RA63                    18R-G* 82              US      RA63 (ST)               22R [coupe] [automatic: 22R-EC]                         RA64 (GT, GT-S)         22R-EC [GT-S liftback] 82.8-83.8       US                              22R-EC, except manual ST 22R 83.8-85         US                              22R-EC  82.2-85 UK      RA61 (ST, XT)           21R 84.8-           RA65K (GT-S convertible) FWD: 86      US      ST      ST16*           2S-E, 3S-FE 86      JP                              3S-GELU, 4A-GELU, 2S-ELU, 4A-ELU, 1S-iLU 87-90   US      ST                      3S-FE 86-89   US      GTS     ST16*           3S-GE 92      US      GTS     ST18*           5S-FE 95      JP, FI          ST20*           3S-GE, 3S-FE 98 JP ST20* 3S-GE (200hp), 3S-FE ; Convertible: 3S-GE (16v 180hp) 88-96+  all     All-trac                3S-GTE Celica Camry  82      JP                              18R-GEU, 21R-U, 3T-EU, 13T-U, 12T-U Celica Supra  79-     JP      MA45 (2000 L/S/G) 79-80   JP      MA46 (2600 S/G)         4M-E 79-     US      MA47 (2600)             4M-E 80.8-   JP      2800 G                  5M-EU 81-     US      2800                    5M-E 82-84   JP                              M-TEU, 5M-GE 85-86   JP                              6M-GEU, 5M-GEU, M-TEU, 1G-GEU, 1G-EU 82-85.12        JP      MA61 (2800 GT)          5M-GEU 82.2-85.12      JP      (2000 S-turbo, G-turbo) M-TEU 82-85.12        JP      GA61 (2000L, S, G)      1G-EU (L 82 only) 82.8-85.12      JP      (2000 Twin Cam 24 GT)   1G-GEU 82-85.12        US      MA67 (Supra, Supra L)   5M-GE 82.8-85.12      UK      MA61 (Supra)            5M-GE 84-86           FI      MA61 (Supra)            5M-GE (170hp, no cat) Celsior 92        UCF10   1UZ-FE 95-97           UZF20                           1UZ-FE Century  85-86                                   5V-EU 97              VG40                    5V-EU Corolla  66-70   FI      KE10,15,16              K 69-75   FI      KE11,17,18,20,25        3K 75-79   FI      KE20,30,35,36           3K-H 77-78   FI      TE51                    2T 76-79   FI      ?                       2T-C, 2T-B, 2T-GE 71-79   US                              2T-C 77-79   US                              3K-C, 2T-C 80-84   FI      KE70, CE70              4K, 1C 80-83   FI      TE71                    2T 80-82   US      TE72,73,75              3T-C 83-84   US                              4A-C, 4A-LC 83-     FI      AE80, AE8*              4A-GE, 4A-C, 4A-LC2A-L, 1C-L 84-     FI      AE82                    4A-L 85      FI      EE80                    2E 87-90   FI      AE**                    4A-GEC, 4A-GELC 88-90   FI      AE**                    4A-F 88-     FI      AE92                    4A-GE 89-90   FI      AE**                    4A-FE 90-     FI      AE92                    4A-FE 85-86                                   4A-C, 4A-LC, 4A-GE 86      JP      Levin, Sprinter Trueno  4A-GELU, 4A-U, 3A-U 86      JP                              4A-GELU, ..., 1C-L 85-89           FX-16                   4A-GE 87                                      4A-LC, 4A-GEC, 4A-GELC 88                                      4A-LC, 4A-GEC, 4A-GELC, 4A-F 88-90   FI/JP   GT Coupe only           4A-GZE 89-90                                   4A-GEC, 4A-GELC, 4A-F, 4A-FE 84-89           GTS                     4A-GE 90      JP                              1C 95      JP      Levin, Sprinter Trueno  4A-GE(VVT 20V), 4A-FE, 5A-FE 98 JP *E10* Corolla Sedan, Corolla Levin, Sprinter Marino 4A-GE (165hp), 4A-FE, 5A-FE Sprinter 4A-GE (165hp), 4A-FE, 5A-FE, 4E-FE, 3C-E Corsa 5A-FE, 4E-FE Corolla II 5E-FE, 4E-FE Corona  69              RT72                     70-71           Mark I (RT81)           M 73-77           Mark II                 2M, M 74      US                              18R-C 75-80   US                              20R 80-81   FI                              3T 82      JP                              18R-GEU, 21R-U, 3T-EU, 13T-U, 12T-U 82.5-85 JP                              3T-GTEU, 4A-GE, 1S-U, 3A-U Corona (FWD) 86      JP                              3S-GELU, 4A-GELU, 2S-ELU, 4A-ELU, 1S-iLU 95      JP                              3S-GE, 3S-FE, 4S-FE 98 *T21* 3S-FSE, 7A-FE, 4A-FE, 3C-TE 99 *T21* 3S-FSE (ST210), 3S-FE (ST215, 4WD), 7A-FE (AT211), 4A-FE (AT210), 3C-TE (CT216/4WD, CT211/FWD) Cressida (US, FI)/Mark II and Chaser/Cresta (JP)  72      US      Mark II                 4M, 2M 73-76   US      Mark II                 4M 77-79   US      Cressida                4M 80      US      Cressida                4M-E 81-82   US      Cressida                5M-E 82-85   FI      Cressida RX60           21R, 2L-T, L 82      JP                              M-TEU, 1G-EU, 13T-U  82/3-88 US      Cressida                5M-GE 86      JP                              1G-GTEU, 5M-GEU, 1G-GEU, 1G-EU, 21R-U, 1S-U, 98 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE, 1JZ-GE, 1G-FE, 2L-T 99 Cresta: 1JZ-GTE (same as GE?), 2JZ-GE (RWD, ECTS-i), 1JZ-GE (4WD 5 or 6spd/RWD ECTS-i), 1G-FE (4WD/RWD, 6spd?) (all VVT-i) 2L-T, 2L 89-90   US      Cressida                7M-GE Crown  65-66   FI      MS4*                    M 66      US      MS4*                    2M, M 67-70   FI      *S5*                    2M, 5R 67-71   US      MS5*                    2M, M 71-72   FI      *S6*                    2M, 5R 72-     FI      *S6*                    4M, 5R 72-74   FI      MS6*                    4M 75-78   FI      MS8*                    4M 79-82   FI      *S11*                   5M-E, L 82      JP      *S11*                   5M-GE, M-TEU, 1G-EU, M-U, L 83      FI      *S12*                   5M-E, 2L-T 84-86   FI      *S12*                   5M-GE, 2L-T 85      JP      *S12*                   5M-GEU, M-TEU, 1G-GEU, 1G-EU, 2L, 2L-TE 86      JP      *S12*                   6M-GEU, 1G-GZEU, 1G-GEU, 1G-EU 88-91   *S13*   1JZ-GTE, 1UZ-FE 91-95   *S14*   1JZ-GE, 2JZ-GE, 1UZ-FE, 2L-THE Curren 95      JP                              3S-GE, 3S-FE, 4S-FE Cynos 97      JP                              5E-FHE, 4E-FE Gracia 98 1MZ-FE, 5S-FE MR2 86      JP                              4A-GELU 86      JP      AW10                    3A-LU 85-89   US      AW11                    4A-GELC 85-89   other                           4A-GE 88-89                                   4A-GZE 91-92   FI                              3S-GE 91-95   US                              3S-GTE, 5S-FE 91-95+  other                           3S-GTE, 3S-GE [there is no 1990 model, both 1989 and 1991 model were sold during that year] Paseo ?                                       5E-FE Scepter 95      JP                              3VZ-FE, 5S-FE Sera 95      JP                              5E-FHE Soarer  81-82   JP      *Z1*                    M-GE, M-TEU, 1G-EU 82-84           *Z1*                    1G-GE, M-TE 85      JP      *Z1*                    6M-GEU, M-TEU, 1G-GEU, 1G-EU 86      JP      *Z2*                    7M-GTEU, 7M-GEU, 1G-GTEU, 1G-GEU, 1G-EU 86-91           *Z2* 91-95           *Z3* 95              *Z3*                    1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE, 1UZ-FE 98 *Z3* Japan 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE 98 *Z3* US, Europe 1UZ-FE, 2JZ-GE Starlet  78-     FI                              2K 79-82   FI                              4K*, 3K* 81-82                                   4K-C 83-84                                   4K-E 84-87   FI                              2E 85-88   FI                              ? (1.3) 89-     JP                              4E-F, 2E-E, 4E-FE, 4E-FTE, 1N 89-96           *P8* 97      JP      *P9*                    4E-FE, 1N 99 (Platz): 2NZ-FE (NCP16/4WD, NCP12/FWD), 1SZ-FE (SCP11/FWD) Supra  86-92           MA7*                    7M-GTE, 7M-GE 86      JP      MA7*, GA7*              7M-GTEU, 7M-GEU, 1G-GTEU, 1G-GEU, 1G-EU         JP      JZA7*                   1JZ-GTEU 93              JZA8*, GA8*             1JZ-GTEU, 1G-GTEU, 1G-GEU 93.5-98+       JZA8*                   2JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE Tercel 80-82   US                              1A, (3A, 3A-C ???) 83-86   US                              3A, 3A-C 86      JP                              3A-SU, 3A-U, 2A-U 87-88   US                              3A-C 89-90   US                              3E 86-90   JP                              2E-LU, 3E-E, 3E-TE, 1N-T

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