Toyota EFI trouble codes for 4K-E, 22R-E, 2S-E (probably also all others)

1	All OK
2	AFM Vc	open Vc / Vc-VS, open Vb	AFM Vc/Vs, wiring, ECU
3	AFM Vs	open Vs, Vs-E2 short, open Vb	AFM Vb/Vc/Vs, wiring, ECU
4	THW	THW open			Coolant sensor, wiring, ECU
5	O2	Ox stuck rich/lean		Oxy sensor, wiring, ECU
6	IG	no ignition signal		ignition, wiring, ECU
7	TPS	Idl/Psw short			TPS, wiring, ECU
8	THA	open/short			intake temperature sensor
9	SPD	speed sensor			just leave it disconnected -
						it's for speed limiter only.
10	STA	starter signal
11	A/C	air conditioneer switch, TPS or neutral start switch

How to read the codes?

1. turn ignition on, but don't start the engine
2. short the check engine connector (or between T and ground)
3. check engine light will now blink indicating the code. Count the
   number of successive blinks and that's the code. Be aware that
   there may be more than one trouble code stored, in which
   case the next displayed code is different. There is 
   a 3 second pause between the codes. Codes will be repeated until
   you remove the short in check engine connector.
4. Clear the codes by removing the "stop" fuse, or disconnect
   the battery for at least 30 seconds.

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