Celica 1971-1977: *A2* / *A3* -series

The liftback was introduced in 1973, and the nose change occured between 1973 and 1976, depending on country of sale...

Coupe, old nose (and ears, too)
Coupe, old tail lights
Coupe, new tail lights

1971-1973ET,LT,ST TA2*T 86hpT40 (72- T40/T50)
1971-1973ET,LT,ST TA2*2T 100hpT50/T40/A40
1971-1972ET,LT,ST TA2*2T-B 105hpT50/T40/A40
1971-1972GT TA222T-G 115hpT50
1973ET,LT,ST TA2*2T-B(R) 105hpT50/T40/A40
1973GT TA222T-G(R) 115hpT50
1973ST liftback TA272T 100hpT50/A40
1974-1977?ET coupe TA2*TT40
1974ST coupe TA222T 100hpT50/A40
1974GT, GTV coupe2T-G(R) 125hpT50
1974GT, GTV liftback2T-G(R) 125hpT50
19742000 ST coupe RA2118R 110hp, 18R-EW50/A40
19742000 ST liftback RA2*18R 110hp, 18R-EW50/A40
19742000 GT coupe RA2118R-G(R) 140hpP51
19742000 GT liftback RA2518R-G(R) 140hpP51
1975Coupe TA232T-U 90hpT50/A40
1975Coupe RA2318R-U 100hpW50/A40
1975Coupe RA2318R-GU 130hpP51
1975Liftback RA2818R-GU 130hpP51
1976-1977Coupe TA352T-U 90hpT50/A40
1976-1977Coupe RA3518R-U 100hpW50/A40
1976-1977Coupe RA3518R-GU 130hpP51
1976-1977Liftback RA3518R-GU 130hpP51

1971ST RA20C8R-C 108hpW40
1972ST RA21C18R-C 97hpW40
1973ST RA21C18R-C 97hpW40/A40
1974ST, GT RA21C18R-C 97hpW50/W40/A40
1975LT, ST, GT20R 96hpW50 (GT),W40,A40
1976-1977GT, ST, GT Liftback20R 96hpW50,A40,W40(coupe only)

1972-1975ST, LT2T-B 87hpT50,T40
1976-1977ST, LT2T-B 87hp, 18R 87hpT50,T40

1971-1975ST Coupe TA22R-KZ2T-BT40
1973-1975GT Coupe TA22R-M2T-G 124hpT50
1976-1977ST Coupe TA23R-MB2T-B 86hpT50
1976-1977GT Coupe TA23R-MQG2T-GT50
1976-19772000 ST Coupe TA23R-H18R 86hpA40
1976-1977ST Liftback TA28R-M18R 86hpW50
1976-1977ST Liftback TA28R-MQG18R-G 118hpP51

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