1982 first engry with Celica (Kent Racing team). Not much success. 1983 AAR Celica entry to GTU (Under liter) class, 300hp 2030cc 16-v dohc 7 poles, 3 fastest laps, 2 wins (Riverside, Charlotte) 1984 4 wins (Miami, Laguna Seca, Charlotte, Sears Point) 1985 2nd place total. 3 wins (Lime Rock Pocono, Daytona Beach) in GTO class 1 win (Laguna Seca) with 4T-GT (only initial engine testing in late events) 1986 GTO: FWD Celica look bodywork (tubular chassis) but RWD with 4T-GT engine 2 wins (joined mid-season) 1987 GTO: won the championships (driver - Chris Cord - AND manufacturer). 8 wins out of 17 races, 5 poles, 5 fastest laps. 1988 GTO: 5 wins (Mid Ohio, Road America, Sears Point, Watkins Glen, Del Mar) still with 4T-GT, 450hp. 1989 moved to GTP class (Eagle chassis) 1992 and 1993 manufacturers and drivers championships. in 1995 still held track records on 9 circuits.
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