(M)id-engined (R)ear wheel drive (2)-seater

before getting into production, the MR2 prototype was called

Mk1 1984(85)-1989

Mk2 1990-1995

comparison of MR2 models technical data
There is a mailing list dedicated to MR2's, to join send mail to:
with your e-mail address as the subject
A short FAQ is posted every now and then to the list. You can also get it by mail from:
with the subject line "FAQ"
All old posts to the mailing list and also a few news articles concerning MR2's (a .gzip'ed ~5 Meg file) can be found by ftp from:
        % ftp
        login: anonymous
        passwd: foo
        ftp> cd /mrm/mr2
        ftp> binary
        ftp> get archive-89-94.Z
        ftp> quit
        There are two versions, archive-89-94.Z and archive-89-94.gz.  The
        GNU compression algorithm won out over the standard unix compression:
        ftp> ls -l
        -rw-r--r--  1 45  30  2045797 Sep 22 17:49 archive-89-94.Z
        -rw-r--r--  1 45  30  1442156 Sep 22 17:50 archive-89-94.gz
        if you're interested in minimizing how long you have to wait
        to ftp the archive.   You can get a copy of the GNU decompression
        (free) software by anon ftp to

For much much more MR2 info... Geoff Seeley's Toyota MR2 WWW site

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