Sports 800

-manufactured 1965-1969?
-2 seats
-targa top

engine:			2U/2U-B
boxer 2-cylinder
hydraulic lifters
hemispherical compustion chambers
twin downdraft carbs (2U-B)
displacement		790 cc
peak power		49hp@5400rpm
weight 			80kg

transmission:		4-speed manual

top speed		156 km/h

front suspension:	independent, torsion bars
rear suspension:	solid axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs

fuel consumption	4.1 l/100km (57.9 mpg)
fuel tank		30 l (8 gallons)

tire size		6"R12

turning circle		8.54 m

instruments:		120mph speedo, 6000rpm tach, oil pressure, engine temp, fuel, amperage

Dimension [mm]
length			3609
Wheelbase		1999

weight			581 kg

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