Carina is basically the same car as Celica, except with different styling. Drivetrain, suspension etc are the same. Differences are in exterior and interior styling. Carina was only exported to the US in '71-'74, while in Europe it has been one of the most popular Toyotas.

1971-1978: *A1* series

Finland (10000 sold):
1971-1974 1.6 2T 75hp 2dr live axle/coil springs T40 disk/drum
1975-1978 1.6 2T 75hp 2dr/4dr live axle/coil springs T50/T40 disk/drum

1978-1981: *A4* series 78-81

Finland (4400 sold):
1978-1981 1.6 DL 2T 75hp 4dr sedan/2dr sedan/5dr wagon live axle T50/T40 disk/drum

1982-1985: *A6* series


Finland (over 3800 but under 6200 sold):
1982-1984 1.6 DX 2T 75hp coupe, sedan, wagon live axle T50, T40 disk/drum
1982-1985 1.8 DX Diesel 1C ~60hp sedan, wagon live axle W40? disk/drum

1982-1985 1500 Standard, DX, SG, (ST 1982) 3A-U 83hp coupe, sedan live axle T40 (ST T50) disk/drum
1982 1800 SG, SE 1S-U 100hp coupe, sedan live axle T50 disk/drum
1983-1985 SG, ST 1S-U 100hp coupe, sedan, wagon live axle T50 disk/drum
1982 1800 EFI ST, EFI SE 3T-EU 105hp coupe, sedan IRS T50 disk/drum
1982 1600 GT 2T-GEU 115hp coupe, sedan IRS T50 cooled disk/disk
1983-1985 GT 4A-GE 130hp coupe, sedan IRS T50 cooled disk/disk
1982 2000 GT 18R-GEU 135hp coupe, sedan IRS W55 cooled disk/disk
1983-1985 GT-T, GT-TR 3T-GTEU 160hp coupe, sedan IRS W55, W57 cooled disk/disk

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