1982, before the Group B Celica debuted.
Engine type		18R-G 1998cc inline-4 DOHC (20 degree angle)
Compression ratio	11.5-12.0:1
Power			240hp@9000rpm
Torque			245Nm@5500rpm
Carbs			twin 48 DCOE's
Valves			16 (!!!)

This 16-valve version of 18R-G was used in 75-77 and 79-82.

Clutch			twin-disc AP race clutch
Gearbox			5 speed Toyota
Diff			5.3:1
Brakes			4-piston front, 2-piston back, all discs cooled
Suspension		nothing special, McPherson front rigid axle back
Steering		rack and pinion
Tyres			Pirelli

length		4435mm
width		1665mm
height		1310mm
wheelbase	2500mm
Weight		1050kg

Wins in Group 4:

New Zealand 1982 (Waldegard)

Other top 3 results in WRC:

2. New Zealand 1982 (Eklund) 2. Ivory Coast 1982 (Eklund) 3. Ivory Coast 1982 (Waldegard)

Other top 10 results in WRC:

7. RAC 1982 (Waldegard) 9. RAC 1982 (Eklund) 7. Ivory Coast 1985 (de Granville) [Group A] 10. Ivory Coast 1987 (Kouame) [Group A]

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