Engine: modified 3S-GTE (Group N: no internal mods allowed)

Max power	295hp@6000rpm (265-285hp in Group N)
Max torque	373Nm@3600 (319Nm in Group N)
comp. ratio	8.5:1

6-speed non-synchronized Xtrac gearbox. Variable power distribution
between front and back wheels (from 50f/50r to 30f/70r).

no brake booster

16" wheels, Pirelli tyres

length		4365mm
width		1710mm
height		1300mm
wheelbase	2525mm
tracks f/r	1510/1510mm
weight		1100-1240kg

top speed	160-240km/h depending on gearing
0-100km/h	4.5 seconds on gravel

Introduced in Corsica 1988

Wins in WRC Group A:

Australia 1989 (Kankkunen) Safari 1990 (Waldegard) Acropolis 1990 (Sainz) New Zealand 1990 (Sainz) 1000 Lakes 1990 (Sainz) RAC 1990 (Sainz) Monte Carlo 1991 (Sainz) Corsica 1991 (Sainz) New Zealand 1991 (Sainz) Argentina 1991 (Sainz) Catalonia 1991 (Schwarz) Sweden 1992 (Jonsson)

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